We do things a little bit differently. Yes, everyone always says that, but to whet the appetite, consider this: we think we’re the only recruitment consultancy that want our clients to recruit direct.


We offer our clients a bespoke service delivering candidates from diverse recruitment backgrounds including competitor firms, headhunters, and recruitment agencies. We are very close to our candidates, having established a passive network of talent – most of our candidates are registered exclusively with us.


As a specialist, we’ve acquired in-depth knowledge and experience. Put simply, we know our market exceptionally well. We also welcome the increasingly global nature of the recruitment market and as such, work with clients across international boundaries.

We also  identify key trends facing hiring managers around the world. If you want to get a more detailed overview of trends in your market, give us a call or better still, invite us in for coffee and a chat.


Our client base encompasses the recruiting departments of major corporate firms, outstanding emerging brands and the outsourced recruitment arena.  Here’s an example of the sort of things we do for these clients:


One of the world’s largest software application creators realised in 2010 that they were lacking control over their recruitment spend across EMEA while their US counterparts were clearly delivering a better recruitment service. Unsure of where to turn, their European Head of HR contacted Andy on the recommendation of a Global Head of Recruitment who Andy had supported for the last couple of years.

Having worked with the client to scope the role and agree the parameters, our client hired a brilliant recruitment leader who is already delivering a direct sourcing strategy, saving significant expenditure and improving candidate engagement with a consistent approach. One engagement with us has saved our client hundreds of thousands of pounds and, most importantly, given them control.

To find out more about us and what we could do for you as our client, please get in touch. We’d also love for you to be part of our community, so we look forward to seeing you on Twitter and Linkedin.

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