Training for in-house recruiters

Recruitment Life CycleFor the entire in-house recruitment life cycle

All too often, recruitment training turns out to be only ‘How to source candidates on the internet’ or perhaps a less-than-inspiring speech by a motivational guru. We felt that needed to change.

We offer 2 distinct types of training: entirely bespoke for corporate in-house recruiting teams and pre-designed courses for individuals. Both focus not just on sourcing candidates, but on the whole life cycle. Our methodology is tried-and-tested, the learning is interactive and engaging, and the training is designed for and by in-house recruiters…

In-house Recruiting TeamsFor Corporate Teams

We’ll find out your objectives and the specific areas you’re looking to develop, and we’ll learn about your process and incorporate it into our training plan. Yes, we have an underlying methodology and modular content at our disposal, but the training your team will receive will be entirely focused on your business, your process and what you want to achieve.

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Individual training

For Individuals

Our courses are modular, breaking down the in-house recruitment cycle into bite-size learning experiences. They’re suitable for experienced professionals looking for new ideas, as well as those embarking on their in-house careers who are looking for a start point.

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