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Andy MountneyAspen In-house was founded by Andy Mountney (that’s him in the lovely photo) to supply in-house recruiters and training to the corporate and RPO world. We’ll leave it to Andy to explain how the company came about…

Like many people, I fell into recruitment straight out of university and really enjoyed the opportunity the industry gave me. After a stint in a construction agency, I followed some respected colleagues to the less-respected world of Rec-2-Rec, where I spent 3 years with an industry leader. Even back then, I frequently worked with great recruiters who, while strong on delivery, excellent to spend time with, and thoughtful about the future of recruitment, were yearning for a career beyond the sales desk. And yet, there was no real career path available to them in the industry.

In 2004, I set up my first business with a colleague – a company which focused on providing executive search professionals to headhunting businesses and which, for my money, remains the very best in the business at it. All that time though, there was something still nagging at me about in-house recruitment. Who was really serving the community? And who was prepared to say that these talented recruiters should be a specialist subject in their own right? I felt that it was something I wanted to pursue and therefore ended up as the consultant hell-bent on promoting internal recruitment and RPO. Why? Because it works. In-house recruitment is something that I whole-heartedly believe in because it is the best-placed function to deliver recruitment that matches a business’s strategic goals and marketing strategy to budget, while also giving potential employees the candidate experience they are looking for.

So since 2006, I’ve worked with great corporate in-house recruitment leaders around the world, from the UK and Abu Dhabi to Singapore and Hong Kong, sourcing in-house talent for businesses across sectors and helping people in executive search and recruitment consultancies transition into new careers. I’ve been privileged to work with some great businesses – some setting up internal recruitment functions for the first time, others able to build on what is already the best in class. But the common goal is always to find great recruiters to help continue to spread the in-house recruitment message.

Today I’m excited about running my own business focused solely on the in-house market.  Like many businesses we’ve diversified and moved beyond being a traditional recruitment business to a key service provider to our clients.  At the heart of Aspen is our knowledge of recruiting from all parts of the world and all parts of our industry and that permeates through all our products and the help we give our clients.  We remain a key provider of recruitment talent to in-house corporate recruiting functions and RPOs.  Our passion for recruiting thanks to an exciting partnership now sees us delivering training for corporate in-house recruiters, a programme that excites me greatly based on the experience of those who have been there before and made in-house successful.

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