Our first Tech Recruiter role of the year is a belter.  No sitting in a massive team in London with prescribed tools trying to fill the same 100 open dev roles that everyone else is; this is about change and innovation.  You’ll join a team that’s already evolving and innovating.  A group who want new colleagues who have great ideas to help attract talent into another of the world’s hot markets.

If you’ve done that before in Europe or the US and just want to change your location, great you can go and take what you have and be up and running from the get-go.  If that’s your goal but you’re frustrated by your current employer’s speed of adoption and innovation then this is what you’re looking for as a next step.  You will need to have worked in-house as a Tech Recruiter though, this isn’t the first gig out of agency just yet.

Before we get carried away you’re still going to need some of those key experiences and capabilities.  You are undoubtedly a more technically aware recruiter than most of your peers, you’re going to be comfortable delivering high bar recruiting in a demanding environment at pace, and you’re going to have a sourcing toolbox crammed with extensions and ideas.

You’re also going to work in a truly international environment, your colleagues in Sydney are from all around the world, you’ll look to recruit from a range of backgrounds and locations and that diversity will be something you’ll thrive on.  You’ll also work closely with colleagues in the US.

With a great location, good salary and earning potential, and most importantly perhaps, an employer that has an interest in you turning up to work fresh and happy to deliver good work we think this is the full package.  For more details on who we’re working with and how this might be your next step please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Every now and then you take a client brief and you just know there’s a but coming.  Normally about salary, often about experience, more often than not both.

So this was a delight.

A role with full ownership.  There’s some outsourced recruitment support currently but the leadership team wants you to be their go-to advisor and source.

There’s demand.  The business is around 100 in headcount so there’s enough work to keep you busy, none of the turn up put the process in place and then get a frustrating hiring freeze.  That’s supported by a consulting business model that can map ongoing client demand.  With clients across the Fintech and traditional financial markets utilising consultants over the medium term the business case for setting up a recruiting function was as clear as the opportunity created.

There’s breadth.  You’ll work alongside an established HR function but you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in resourcing (internal mobility) and workforce planning beyond the transaction of recruiting.

You’ll need to be a credible relationship manager because you’re going to have lots of core relationships to manage.  Some remotely with onsite consultants and delivery managers some with directors and business heads you work with day to day in the head office based in South West London.

Given the need to support and build trust with the leadership team they want comfort that you know their market.  You’ll have hired BA’s, PM’s, and Devs before.  Ideally having done so in-house but potentially in a stable and successful agency career marked by consistency and long-standing clients.  There’s also a clear benefit to having hired for permanent and contract roles as you’ll have a balance of this in the headcount you support.

Behind all that will be an accuracy in your work, a comfort with reasonable volumes of administration, and a willingness to adopt new technology to deliver your role.

As a people focused employer there will be an element of flexibility, a day a week working from home should be possible but you’ll be happy particularly early in your role to spend your days at the South West London head office.

This is a permanent position only with a base salary of c.£50,000.  Further details can be shared during a conversation.  If you have the experiences we’re looking for and the focus to deliver this role we’d love to speak with you.  In the first instance please send your CV to [email protected] or [email protected] to set up a phone call.

This is a role about impact.  Joining an in-house team in the early stages of its existence, post-transition from RPO to fully fledged in-house function. 

Sitting in the busiest of a number of key offices for this financial services company focused on the delivery of back office and services you’ll be a resilient recruiter used to dealing with changing priorities.

You’ll partner with demanding hiring managers feeling their way into new relationships who crave but do not expect high quality on-time delivery.  You’ll build trust through delivering that and in time use data to build business cases.

One day you might be hiring dozens of call centre staff for your local office or a colleague’s elsewhere in the UK the next you might be seeking out specialist skills for a location that typically lacks them.  You’ll thrive on that challenge and change rather than seeing it as a frustration.

Reporting directly to the Recruitment Manager, who happens to be based in the same location, you’ll work closely with an existing Recruiter during a year where demand is expected to be high allowing for the extra team member to join now.

Given the challenging stakeholder group and need to make an impact you’ll need to have seen and delivered against some of these challenges before You’ll have some in-house or RPO experience working in a fast paced and challenging financial services, insurance, consumer finance, or associated market employer.  Ideally, you’ll have worked across a breadth of roles and functions and want to do the same again.

You’re going to bring a range of go to market strategies to the team as well.  You’ll be used to using a modern ATS (or crave the opportunity to work with one) to quickly get roles advertised in the right places, you’ll also be adept at searching that for potential hires as well.  You’ll have used LinkedIn Recruiter and where necessary built decent working relationships with agency suppliers

Given the urgent need, you’ll be available at no or short notice to start a role in January or February in South East London.  Contract engagement of 6 or 12 months will be considered and a salary of £40,000-45,000 depending on experience will be considered.

So if you hold the experiences outlined and have an interest in finding out more please apply for further details.  To get the process started please send your CV and contact details to [email protected] or [email protected]

If it’s time to consider an in-house career and you’re inspired by the growth of technology we may just have the role for you.

Like many first in-house roles it’s a fixed term contract.  It’s essentially a trade off.  Bring your research capability, ideally bolstered by a little modern sourcing magic and get a year of in-house experience that sets up your in-house career for the long-term.

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Immediately available roles

Currently, we are working on two immediately available contract roles to start with a super client in West London.  There’s brief detail below but please contact Andy or Ellie for more details.


Sourcer (Tech Sales or Software Engineering) – West London – £225-275 per day – 3-6 months

Immediate start for an operational recruiter or sourcer happy to spend their day using their boolean toolkit, LinkedIn Recruiter and job boards to find technical talent.  You’ll need to be a functional specialist already in one of the above areas, able to start at no more than a week’s notice, and be clearly hands on in that market place.


It’s that time of year when around 50% of the candidates registering with Aspen are looking to move from agency recruitment to in-house recruiting.  Sometimes it’s a career plan, sometimes it’s to try and escape something that is no longer enjoyable or working, sometimes it’s about finding out about something new.

We’ve written a lot on this topic before but there is always value in a refresh.  Here’s Ellie’s take this year.

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Location:  Mainly central London, a day a week in East Berkshire, a day a week from home
Salary:  Base salary c.£50,000-60,000, annual bonus, excellent benefits package

If you’re someone who has hired in software sales these last few years you’ll know a different type of recruiting pain to most out there.  Lots of great roles in your business but where is that high bar, high achieving talent?  How is my employer standing out from the crowd?  When am I going to hire for growth again rather than attrition.

Obviously NOW.

How about joining a cash rich very fast growing international software business that’s still small enough for you to have a direct impact on but with an infrastructure and support network that gives you confidence and even that rare thing in a start up AMAZING BENEFITS?

In this role you’ll be something of a nomad, once a week you’ll need to be with your colleagues in East Berkshire for a day, most of the week you’ll be based from a pretty cool (yes aren’t they all these days) central London office, but you’ll also work from home a day a week.  Then there’s probably going to be travel whether to the Nordics of Southern Europe every now and then, but don’t worry you won’t spend your life on a plane.

You’ll be drawn to hiring for a high bar environment where one of your main roles is not only sourcing but ASSESSING sales talent against company values and high levels of sales success.

Personally, you’re going to be motivated by your own development and growth.  Joining now as an experienced in-house recruiter (the salary is going to be c.£50,000-60,000 base), you’re going to want to grow with a business which has a headcount in the hundreds to go into the thousands.  As the business grows so will your opportunities, and I’ll be happy to share some of that path with you.

This is a well rewarded permanent role, a base salary that sits right in the sweet spot of the current market for the type of role, a fair annual bonus based on company and personal performance, an extensive benefits package, and the opportunity to work flexibly as well as hard.

We can’t get away without a couple of bullet points but if you’re interested and hold the right experience set out below we’d love to hear from you.

  • Recruitment agency and in-house recruitment experience
  • Experience hiring for sales roles as a specialism, ideally software sales but it may be gained for publishing, business intelligence or another market
  • You’ll be an outstanding communicator in writing, person, and over the phone
  • You’ll be intellectually curious, keen to personally develop, and be extremely open to learning and improving
  • Your academic credentials are likely to be a cut above the average too, you’ll certainly be able to point to some wonderful achievements in your education and career

So if this is you we’d like to hear from you so we can share more about this opportunity with you.  Please send your CV to [email protected] for further consideration


You know what I hear a lot at the moment; ‘what’s going on out there for in-house recruitment?’

At times in the run up to the referendum and in the immediate aftermath I was tempted to say I wish I knew!  I’m fairly sure no-one is really sure.

Given the interest it’s the first time I’ve toyed with mass communications for Aspen but talking to a number of active job seekers they discouraged us and said keep it personal and post what’s going on to LinkedIn we’ll pick it up there if we want it.

Fair enough.  (But we thought we should put it on our website too…)

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In her latest blog Ellie has written about some of the challenges of moving from agency recruiting to in-house.


We regularly speak to candidates wanting to move from agency to in-house and who are not sure how best to go about this or who are finding the application process tough so I thought that I would write about the experience in more detail.

So what are the main differences between an agency and in-house Recruiter?

Before I write more, I just wanted to clarify that I have not worked agency side until now. I went straight in-house which I know is fairly unusual. So I am writing this from the perspective of our candidates who I’ve spoken to across this last year and have given me a great insight into the role of an agency Recruiter.

The main thing that surprises most candidates in their first role in-house is that you do not have ‘instant credibility’, just like a supplier you have to build trust with hiring managers.  Typically you have to do all that while being overwhelmed by more process and administration than you could ever have expected!

In-house recruitment is still target driven to but not in the same way as agency recruitment:

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The massive gap“We absolutely love you, it’s just you’ve not worked in our sector before and well you know…”

The greatest frustration in the market place for talent acquisition professionals bar none at the moment is this feedback, particularly when there’s so much talk about transferable skills.

And the common thinking for candidates who receive this tends to be:

“You are rejecting me for a role you think I could do an have interviewed me for because of something you have known ever since you first looked at my CV.  You think I can do the job (you actually said I’d be great at it) but organisationally it’s seen as a ‘gamble’?  You don’t know what you are doing.”

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