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This week has been one of our busiest ever for new work at Aspen so a quick review of what we’re working on.  They’ll be more information and detail to support this next week…


17.06 - Blackboard is back (2)

Recruitment Scheduler

Scheduling interviews.  Not much to it really is there?  Well that’s what your colleagues think.  But then you know differently.  Firstly there’s the three different timezones to account for across the meetings, there’s the room bookings* (when are they ever free?), you know the candidate loves soya milk in their latte from the call you had earlier, and you know we always run out of it on a Friday.  And when are they in for interview..  Well that’s obvious now isn’t it.

Then there’s the flights to book, perfect hotel in walking distance of the office, personalised gift basket to have waiting, show tickets to organise that you got 24 hours notice on.  Oh and the hiring manager wants to move the meeting back a day, but you said no to that because you are the candidate advocate every single time.

Scheduling interviews.  Easy.

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Joining one of the UK’s most prestigious property businesses may have been a goal of yours for some time but in challenging market conditions finding a growing organisation may have made that difficult.

We’re fortunate to be working with a well-known organisation who having come through a period of change and transformation are continuing the development of their direct hiring strategy by hiring a new member of their in-house recruiting team.

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Taking everything you have learned from your previous roles and being there right at the beginning of an incredible company journey.

That’s often the desired role great recruiters tell us they want to go on and in Munich we are working on as close to something perfect as we’ve seen in a while.

Why?  Well there’s a number of core factors:

  • Start-up environment and company stage backed by a globally renowned leader in their field
  • A product still in development that will help change the way we travel, improve the environmental impact of urban travel, and safety
  • Working directly with a leadership team from day one that has come from environments in global companies where the bond between recruiting and the business is renowned and entwined

That does not even touch on the role scope:

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Sales recruiting.  Sweat shop?  Cabling solutions in a big open plan operation in a faceless Thames Valley office park?  Oooo I know, telesales roles by the dozen for the financial services sector.  Not exactly a phrase that oozes consistency of role or perhaps that much personal fulfillment. Don’t even get started on the amount of hiring for attrition you have to do just to stay afloat each quarter.

Worry not.  We’re talking about something very different.  Building phase.  A globally renowned Fintech start-up, business partnering with a commercial leader.  Hiring key roles in London and at times abroad (Asia, Africa, Americas).

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Not many organisations have a marketing build out of such a scale that it can sustain a dedicated senior recruiter.  Certainly not many in-house functions, typically you’d have to work for an agency, and maybe that’s not your thing anymore.

This is something a little bit different, a well-funded globally disruptive fintech with an established leadership team, excellent financial base, an established recruitment function, and a high bar for hiring.  That bar is something you’ll be used to from demanding hiring managers who only want the best in their marketing team who you have worked with.

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Graduate Recruiting used to be so much more simple.  For a start everyone who worked in it had the same title.  The milkround was pretty simple too; put out a campaign, await responses, get manual with the screening, reply to the interesting few, set up assessment hire, offer.  Repeat.

A little different these days isn’t it?  You know that though because you are one of the people who has driven the change.  You have relationships with the leading Computer Science Universities in the UK (and probably further afield), you’ve probably won an award or two for innovation in your recruiting campaigns, and you’ve been part of teams that have applied technology to the selection and assessment process to make it quicker, slicker, fairer, and more engaging for candidates.

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Remember when you used to hire for growth?

When new roles were really new.  Technical projects that you were proud to recruit for.  The types of challenges that really got your candidate pool interested, the things that made them think they would make a difference.

Not the pain as you need to hire yet another developer to replace that great person you hired last year for that project that went on hold when budget got pulled who’s been sat there wondering why they joined and has finally given in and resigned to join that awesome firm down the road.

It’s time for growth again.

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Are you a Boolean legend but like to take it that stage further and talk to candidates too?  Good we should be talking to you!

You could soon be working in one of the most innovative recruitment teams for one of the highest regarded employers in the UK.  Don’t just take our word for it the awards through-out the offices are there to see.

If you are all about the candidate this could be just the role for you.  And unlike some sourcing roles out there you’re going to support those candidates through process and interact with the hiring management population regularly.  You’ll pretty much be responsible for who the business sees when it comes to tech talent so you are going to be their key advisor.

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I bet your colleagues think you’re pretty awesome.  Maybe you do not know it (or you are far too polite to say it) but all the data tells everyone else you are. Your colleagues look up to you, they wonder why you don’t work somewhere else, somewhere with a really cool brand, but that’s part of the fun for you filling the tough to fill role, and honestly this is a cool brand to you because what the business is doing is cutting edge even if others do not see cool.

But there is that itch, the one that says I want to test myself with the best, I don’t want to be the sourcing guru people come to with their Boolean problems, I don’t want to be the Recruiter the hiring managers cut corners to come to because they’d rather deal with you than your colleague.  You don’t mind the awkward conversation, far from it you thrive on making things better but…


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